Irish Weather

Irish Golfing Weather

Just to dispel a myth or two! It does not rain all the time in Ireland. Sure, we have one of the greenest, most beautiful countries in the world and it does rain on occasion, but we also can have the most glorious summers & mild winters meaning that golfers never need to put their golf clubs into hibernation!

Irish Weather

Ireland has a perfect golfing climate, it is never too hot & never too cold. Golf can be played all year around. The westerly winds that blow in from the Atlantic Ocean take their temperature from the warm waters of the North Atlantic Drift that bathes our coast giving Ireland a temperate climate.

While there may be the odd heat wave during summer months when temperatures can soar, the more likely weather in Ireland is that of sunny spells mixed with cloudy and overcast conditions. Temperatures hover around 20 C during the summer months and 8 C during the colder winter months.


Average Temperatures for Ireland:

Day C881012171922201714108
Night C225681213119932

Due to Ireland’s changeable weather patterns, it is best to be prepared for rain at any time and you will never be taken unaware. The wettest months tend to be January and December, while the driest months are generally from March to July. Rainfall varies greatly within the country also, with Ireland’s east and southeast being driest.

The hours of daylight in Ireland also vary quite considerably between summer and winter months. In June / July golfers are often seen coming down the 18th Fairway after 10.00pm!

Approx Sunrise and Sunset times in Ireland at start of each month:


Average Rainfall in Ireland: