Golf Packages Ireland: Ballybunion Golf Club

//Golf Packages Ireland: Ballybunion Golf Club

Ballybunion Golf Club is probably one of the most talked about golf clubs in the world…

There is a certain mystique about Ballybunion that is hard to put your finger on but yet it continues to enchant visitors year after year from Texas to Tazmania.

It defies logic that a narrow strip of duneland in rural Ireland should attract such a global following. Each visitor remembers the course in their own special way. For some it is the warm welcome, for others, the sheer beauty of the course but for me, it is the peacefulness and tranquillity of playing golf in an oasis of calm, on one of the finest links golf courses in the world.

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It would be impossible to design a course like Ballybunion as nature has shaped the design into what is a semi lunar environment with each hole providing its own individual challenge.

The course brings you on a journey starting with the first, which gives you a small glimpse of what is to come as on your left hand side you can see the narrow channel of the 16th hole sandwiched between two running sand dunes of about 30 metres in height – AKA the “Valley of Death”.

The first runs past the 16th green and an old graveyard on the right hand side, a tame hole compared to what is to follow but I think one of the beauties of Ballybunion is that is like good piece of classical music, that over the course of your round, it builds into a crescendo and literally blows you away!

At the second hole you see a little snapshot of what is to come, a straight drive is required, if executed correctly you will have a monster of a second shot, not in terms of distance, but in terms of difficulty as the green is perched between two dunes in what may as well be an island green because if you do not hold the green your ball could run backwards or sideways up to 30 metres away from the green. It is at this point you know that you are up for a treat.

The most famous hole would be the Par 4 11th hole is perhaps one of the most famous holes in the world, a 400 yard downhill, alongside the beach, masterpiece. A truly unforgettable experience, be sure to bring your abseiling ropes!

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Ballybunion Old Course will test your patience. It does not favour one particular style of play over another, but one that simply rewards good play and good shots.

All in all, it is a fantastic course, well worth the accolades.

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Play Ballybunion Golf Club, you simply must.

Ballybunion Golf Club is the Greengolfball Golf Club of the Month for August 2013.

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